A short information in English

Sveriges Körförbund is the largest Swedish association of secular choirs. Its ca 300 choirs and vocal groups represent more than 11.000 members country-wide. The singers in turn represent all levels of musical knowledge and experience; in some newly formed choirs they might be beginners, while in others the singers are semi-professional or even world leading professionals. The choirs are themselves constantly active, offering about 1.000 concerts every year.

Sveriges Körförbund is an active part of the expanding choir-singing community throughout Sweden and offers education for choir-singers and conductors. The association organises conventions as well as workshops and festivals.

Sveriges Körförbund edits four yearly issues of its own magazine, Körsång, and books, e.g. Sångare! - the story of male choirs in Sweden during 200 years. The great variety of Swedish choir music is presented in a project, where Sveriges Körförbund co-operates with the record company Naxos in releasing CDs under the label "Swedish Choral Society".